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  • Andrew Stephenson

National Exercise Day (4/18)

If I could find a financial investment that gave me half the relative dividends I get from exercise; I'd be all in. The magical thing about exercise is that there is almost no barriers to entry and no threshold to begin earning on your investment. Yes, larger investments will provide larger returns (to a point), but there are some gains that begin immediately. Literally any investment above zero begins to shift the return above zero. See below "The mortality benefits of exercise appear with even small amounts of daily exercise..."

Graph showing reduced all-cause mortality benefits based on exercise level

SOURCE: Mayo Clinic Proceedings published online here:

But exercise is not just about reducing mortality. The benefits of exercise are incredible and multi-faceted, from physical and mental health to energy and cognitive performance.

And yet many people miss the real benefits because they have a belief that the investment is too steep: That it requires too much time, too much energy, or too much equipment. But to begin earning a greater than zero return actually requires none of these things. It begins with only a couple of minutes.

If you embrace this small investment, earn your first return (tell me you don't feel better after doing even a little movement), and then reinvest your dividends, then your returns will grow significantly with time.

I also firmly believe that the benefits of regular exercise are becoming increasingly valuable. In our modern society we are significantly burdened by expensive and debilitating chronic illness. By stress, anxiety, and challenging emotional environments. Our work demands and performance are increasingly cognitive - and while millions spend billions on supplements with very little evidence base - so many could get so much more by simply moving.

Exercise can improve your health, your longevity, your brain function, your stress, your mood, your cognitive performance, creativity, and work performance. All of which are backed by an abundance of evidence.

So this National Exercise Day, celebrate yourself for doing something... anything that gets you above zero, and begins to earn you a dividend like these:

Physical Health:

  • Improved cardiovascular and metabolic health

  • Maintenance of muscular strength, endurance, balance, and bone strength

  • Improved immune function

Brain Health:

  • Reduced risk of cognitive decline (including Alzheimer's and dementia)

  • Elevated mood and resilience to stress

  • Enhanced cognitive performance and neuroplasticity

Work Performance:

  • Reduced stress and improved management of stress

  • Enhanced mental sharpness and focus

  • Improved energy and productivity

What will you invest today, and how does exercise best serve you in your life?


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