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  • Megan Page

Glucose Regulation: The Superpower of your Soleus Muscle

A study from the University of Houston unveils exercise targeting the soleus muscle for enhanced glucose regulation. Dive into the research revealing the benefits of this unique move and its potential to revolutionize health all while remaining seated at your workstation. Unleash the power of your soleus to maintain your health!

The human body operates like a finely tuned machine, with every muscle, organ, and system working in harmony for optimal health. Among these components, the soleus muscle (deep calf muscle) provides stability during activities like walking and running with its slow-twitch muscle fibers optimized for endurance tasks (postural stability anyone?). Recent research (check it out here) has uncovered an additional dimension to its power: glucose regulation.

Beyond its primary function, the soleus muscle is now recognized as a powerhouse in glucose metabolism. During activities such as seated calf raises, this muscle springs into action, swiftly absorbing glucose from the bloodstream assisting in maintaining stable blood sugar levels. Through regular engagement, the soleus muscle can enhance insulin sensitivity; a crucial factor in managing conditions like insulin resistance and diabetes.

The beauty of harnessing the power of the soleus muscle lies in its accessibility. You don't need a structured workout routine or fancy equipment to activate it. Simple movements like seated calf raises while sitting at your desk can do the trick. By incorporating these activities into your daily routine, you stimulate the soleus muscle, promoting better glucose control and overall metabolic health.

Why do we love research like this at HBD? Because we don't buy into the hype of quick fixes and fitness fads. Everything we do at HBD is about engaging, educating and empowering people to find small, relevant, achievable, and sustainable habits that can be stacked over time to build a sustainably healthy lifestyle. It's part of the reason our workplace wellbeing programs are so effective at getting and keeping people engaged, and at achieving vast measurable health risk reductions across workplace populations. (Seriously - ask us for a case study and see our outcomes for yourself because you probably won't believe them if we simply write them here!).

So, let's unlock the potential of our soleus muscle for promoting glucose regulation and being another simple habit to add to your wellbeing quiver. Whether it's a few seated calf raises during a conference call or a rhythmic foot tap while standing at your workstation: Every small movement counts. Of course this one exercise won't solve all your health issues on its own. But it's such a simple, approachable and repeatable behavior that there's no reason you shouldn't feel good about adding it to a daily routine of other small healthy habits that ultimately promote good health and optimal wellbeing!


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