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Proactive Population 
Mental Wellbeing

Mental health is shrouded in stigma. But it doesn't have to be.


Take a genuinely PROACTIVE approach towards promoting mental health and resilience to put your team ahead of the curve. 

Mental health and mindset are the biggest inhibitors to a modern workforce's ability to thrive. They are silent and pervasive and dramatically impact health, healthcare costs, productivity, engagement, and retention; yet most companies are stuck in a reactive mode of trying to identify or treat people who are already in a crisis. 

While crisis support is obviously essential, there are many proactive habits and personal practices that can progressively and sustainably reduce your people's risk of burnout and mental health problems.


All of our health and wellbeing programs include topics, modules, and content to reduce mental health stigma and promote proactive mental wellbeing behaviors. 

  • Total population mental health education

  • 12-month timeline OR designated modules

  • 60-min Management or Leadership launch workshop

  • 45-min Group launch workshop

  • Risk identification options

  • Structured group education and behavior change content

  • Optional individual coaching

  • Results tracking

  • Optional monthly education packages

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  • Leadership or whole group options

  • 12-month timeline OR designated modules

  • 90-min launch workshop (how the brain perceives stress and it's impacts on health and performance)

  • Monthly sustainability material packages

  • Monthly 30-minute webinars

  • Optional coaching options

  • Content targeted to address organizational needs and risks

Targeted MH.JPG
  • Workshops and webinars

  • Build a custom calendar of relevant mental wellbeing educational content

  • Monthly educational packs

  • Train the Trainer options

  • Interactive display options

  • Portal and app options

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