Resilience and Mental Fitness

Mental health is shrouded in stigma. But it shouldn't be.


Taking a genuinely PROACTIVE approach towards promoting mental health and resilience will put you ahead of the curve. 

Mental health and mindset are the biggest inhibitors to a modern workforce's ability to thrive. They are silent and pervasive and dramatically impact health, productivity, engagement, and retention; yet most companies are stuck in a reactive mode of trying to identify or treat people who are already in a crisis. 

While crisis support is obviously essential, there are many proactive habits and personal practices that can progressively and sustainably reduce the personal risk of burnout and mental health problems. Like many skills, resilience and proper energy management can be learned. For those with diagnosable mental health conditions, improved lifestyle habits and behaviors are excellent concurrent actions that work to support clinical treatment. For others, changing the narrative around mental health and promoting proven preventive strategies in a way that encourages people to work on their "mental fitness" in the same way they might approach "physical fitness" can have a powerful effect on optimism and performance.

All of our health and well-being programs include topics, modules, and content for promoting good mental well-being, but below we highlight some very specific programs that have a primary focus on mental health and resilience. 

HBD Has Specific Programs for Populations or Target Groups:

  • Chemistry 4 Success
    Utilizing the science of individual Brain Chemistry we offer a unique, but incredibly powerful option to support executive health and high-performance or an exceptional targeted initiative for high-performance teams. 

  • High-Performance Pathway
    For targeted teams, managers, or total populations, this program helps people learn how to have their best energy available when they need it the most. The program helps individuals audit and align their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Through an improved understanding of key links between these foundational pillars of health and energy we help unlock a pathway to more sustainable personal health and high-performance.

  • Performance Plus
    A NEW program based on our extensive experience in delivering C4S and HPP, this abridged program helps take some of the best elements of each program above to create a more approachable and scalable proactive mental health program for teams or populations.  

  • Headquarters
    A modular program that is creatively branded to help remove the negative stigma and make learning about mental health more approachable to diverse populations. Our Headquarters content can be delivered in varying styles including expos, 12-16 week modules, or a full 12-month program. 


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