Injury Prevention

Our injury prevention programs achieve an average 30-60% reduction in MSK injuries.

The most common workplace injuries frequently boil down to some combination of employee decisions, their attention, or their physical conditioning. 

While we can provide targeted injury prevention initiatives, we also present an amazing opportunity for industrial workforces to consolidate vendors and more holistically (and efficiently) address both employee health and safety through a single effective program. 

Injury prevention program options include:

  • Job-specific task analysis and proprietary "load pressure" assessments

  • Workshops and job-specific ergonomic education and training

  • Individual employee physical capacity and injury risk testing, with personal action planning for relevant stretch and strengthening 

  • 12-16 week behavior change modules (with optional sustainability materials)

  • Full 12-month body mechanics programming

  • Fully integrated health and injury prevention "Total Worker Health" program

  • Managed Train-the-Trainer programs with custom job-specific content 

People's health and health behaviors relating to exercise, nutrition, and sleep play integral roles in their physical and mental readiness to work. Pair poor health, fatigue, and complacency with poor work habits and movement patterns, and you have injuries waiting to happen. We have the experience and a long history of attacking injuries from both sides. 


"I honestly didn't think you would get these guys to engage. But I've had multiple people from different locations tell me, unsolicited, that this was the best safety training they've ever had."

- Regional Manager, LafargeHolcim.  

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