Executive Health and High-performance

Enable your executives to thrive, both personally, and professionally.

Executives often don't participate in generic wellness programs and yet their energy is so critical to your organization's culture and ability to innovate.

HBD provides distinctly unique executive health offerings that can differentiate your executive benefits and genuinely assist your key talent with their health, resilience, and performance.


Our executive health programs have demonstrated improvements in job engagement, stress scores, and health measures. 

Renewal and recovery are integral to peak performance. This is true not only in sports but also in work and life. The "ironman" mentality of relentless work and wearing fatigue and "busyness" as a badge of honor is out-dated. More effectively embracing proper practices for balancing work and deliberate recovery paves a pathway to peak performance. 


When many companies continue to offer reactive approaches to stress management and basic executive physicals, you have an opportunity to separate yourself by offering a more integrated approach to executive health, resilience,and high-performance:


Unique executive health options include:

  • Executive medicals and health assessments

  • Individual-level brain chemistry assessments which allow for precision personal health and performance coaching

  • Executive team brain chemistry that uncovers hidden team performance inhibitors and provides insight for enhanced group communication and project management

  • High-Performance Pathway which teaches the essential elements of energy management and effective recovery while also helping reignite your leadership's sense of purpose

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