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Why Choose
HBD International?

There are many wellness vendors out there. Here is why you should work with us.


Experience: HBD has over 25 years of experience leading the industry in population health engagement and outcomes. We have successfully delivered our award-winning programs in every industry sector and can adapt to any organization and logistics. We don't sell "plug and play" programs that you have to try and "best-fit" to your organization; instead, we use our experience to create a program designed to specifically meet you and your people where they are at.    


Effectiveness: Our program results are unmatched. HBD maintains the highest levels of non-incentivized program engagement and population behavior change in the wellness industry. Quite frankly, we will be more effective in connecting with, and helping your people than any other provider, without the need for major "sticks or carrots". 


Efficiency: From a participation perspective: HBD works to integrate your program and key touch-points within your daily operations. By engaging with people "where they are" it is so much easier for your employees while also being less disruptive to your operations.


In addition, we offer efficiency from a cost and management perspective: HBD is a unique "consolidated vendor" option. Rather than managing multiple vendors that deliver disparate pieces of an overall program, you can lean on HBD to deliver all the elements you need for a comprehensive health solution. This presents several critical advantages:
1. It's easier and more efficient for you to manage (be hands-on or hands-off)

2. It's more effective for participants because of the improvement in consistency and progressive links between different elements of your program

3. It's more cost-efficient


Employee Experience: For many, workplace wellness has lost its mojo. Programs have become tick-box items that large proportions of employees don't enjoy or simply don't engage in. HBD brings back the magic. We make it easy for your employees and meet them personally "where they're at" with genuine interest and care factor. You can't fake care factor, and it's our genuine approach to helping each person as an individual that employees appreciate. Our programs boost employee engagement and help improve your employee experience.   


Energy: A truly effective health program doesn't simply help manage illness, it inspires people to be better versions of themselves. HBD deliberately designs programs that help people understand how improving or maintaining their health helps them be better people and more effective performers. You see it in people's faces when our coaches walk through a room. We don't just manage health, we help renew people's passion and purpose for work and life.