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The best outcomes
in workplace health

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Building healthier, safer, and more engaged populations.  

HBD has over 25 years of experience providing award-winning workplace health, wellbeing, and injury prevention programs that achieve the highest sustained program engagement and measured population health outcomes in the industry. 

Multi-award winning
best-practice programs

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Download the case study of HBD client's 2022 Koop Award winning program

We deliver programs to address:

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Health and Wellness

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Mental Wellbeing

High Performance

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Injury Prevention


Health and Wellness

Industry-best health promotion outcomes:


Average percentage of total population engaged without major incentives

Average percentage of total population who make positive health behavior changes


Our tailored programs engage your whole population, shift health behaviors and reduce the prevalence of health risks in your group.  


Proactive Mental
Wellbeing Programs

Average annual utilization rate of employer EAP programs



Annual prevalence of U.S. adults with mental illness (NIH)

Stress, mental health concerns, and burnout wreak havoc on productivity and turnover. Layering mental health conditions on top of comorbid chronic health conditions also exponentially increases medical claims and treatment costs (PwC, 2020). 

Clinical interventions are not enough. HBD gets upstream, addresses the stigma, and proactively encourages better mental wellbeing management across your entire workforce.  


Neuroscience for Health
and High Performance


Percent of employees are disengaged (Gallup)

Organizations that are the best at engaging employees grow four times quicker than competitors (Gallup). 


Health, energy, and resilience are intimately linked. HBD's health and high-performance programs help employees (or targeted high-performance people) find optimal balance and a sense of both personal and professional growth.


These programs have been demonstrated to boost engagement, performance, and employee satisfaction as well as reducing stress and health risks. 

Worker with Ladder


Injury Prevention

Average injury reduction for HBD programs

MSK injuries are a leading cost driver for many organizations. HBD can address ergonomic and injury risks on their own, or in comprehensive programs that integrate health and safety, concurrently addressing work task behaviors and the physical condition in which people come to work. 

What do our clients say?

"We felt we always had a good wellness program, but it's been something else entirely to have a program like HBD that truly engages people - more so than just to receive an incentive. That's when people actually change. 

Brandy -

Regional Benefits Director



Curious to learn more?

Get better health and wellbeing outcomes for the same or less than your existing wellness budget. 


Tell us what health and wellbeing issues are a concern for your population and we can provide insight or examples of programs that can make a difference.

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