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The best outcomes
in workplace health

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Building healthier, safer, and more engaged employees.  

HBD has over 25 years of experience providing award-winning workplace health, wellbeing, and injury prevention programs that achieve the highest sustained program engagement and measured population health outcomes in the industry. 

Multi-award winning global best-practice programs

Our clients have demonstrated:

  • Reduced healthcare costs

  • Improved employee engagement scores

  • Reduced absence rates

  • Reduced injury rates and workers compensation costs

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Download a case study of HBD client's 2022 Koop Award winning program


Comprehensive workplace health programs or solutions to target your specific areas of concern.

"We felt we always had a good wellness program, but it's been something else entirely to have a program like HBD that truly engages people - more so than just to receive an incentive. That's when people actually change."

Brandy - Regional Benefits Director



Got questions?

Get better health and wellbeing outcomes for the same or less than your existing wellness budget. 


Tell us what health and wellbeing issues are a concern for your organization and we can provide insight or examples of programs that can make a difference.

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