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Comprehensive employee health solutions with the industry's best outcomes. 

More than DOUBLE industry averages.

Address multiple risk areas: health, resilience, and injury prevention.

We'll help more people improve their health behaviors than anyone else. 

Unique & Comprehensive:
Relevant. Proactive. Effective.  

Health and Wellness

Total population health & lifestyle behavior change programs. 
Engage everyone where they are at on a personal pathway to improved health & well being. 

Safety & Injury Prevention

From company or site-specific ergonomics and injury prevention initiatives through to fully integrated health and safety "Total Worker Health" model behavior change programs. 

Mental Fitness & High Performance

Physical and mental resilience, energy management, health and high performance programs for teams or executives. 

HBD's health programs far exceed industry outcomes.
(actually, they're the best we know of) 

85% of the total population ENGAGED, on-going, WITHOUT INCENTIVES.

79% of the total population 
IMPLEMENTING CHANGES to improve personal health risks

50% of the total population achieve a MEASURED HEALTH IMPROVEMENT

26% of the total population achieve a MEASURED BIOMETRIC HEALTH RISK REDUCTION 

How do your current wellness program outcomes compare? If less than 2/3rds of your population are actively improving their health, then you have a better option! 

Program outcomes are averages across HBD's book of business for health coaching programs in 2019. Comparisons to industry averages are comparisons against industry participation figures reported by Willis Towers Watson (2016) indicating average participation in annual health screenings is 48% of eligible population and participation in health coaching programs is <20% of eligible populations. 

Why settle for marginal gains to traditional wellness programs

when there is a vastly better option?

Key points of difference


We have the industry's most consistent engagement without incentives, period. 
Our program structure leads to repeated & sustained engagement which provides more opportunity for progressive education and change. 

Meeting People Where They're At

Most health education is generic. HBD understands varying stages of behavioral readiness, and provides health information & strategies which better fit your people's interest and need.  

Structured Change Pathway

Our models create more consistent engagement which allows us to create progressive pathways for individual change. This makes change more sustainable compared with changes participants make in short-run challenges or from traditional wellness events.  

Relevant Consolidation

Physical and mental health, energy and performance are all interrelated.  Trying to separate them with 4-5 different point solutions is ineffective. Engage your employees in a single consolidated program that effectively and progressively improves multiple risk areas. 

If people aren't engaged, they'll never change.

Regional Operations Manager

I honestly didn't think you would be able to engage this group. But I've had several people thank me unsolicited and say that this is the best program they've ever had. 

Manufacturing Team Leader

I love the presence and consistent natural engagement within the plant. I've seen other wellness models where coaches sit in a room or are available by phone, but people simply didn't use them. 

National Health & Safety Manager

When I look at why HBD has been successful in our business it's because it's not a one-time discussion about health, but rather an ongoing consistent and progressive program - that's where our employees get value and effective change. 


Find out how we are different and how we can benefit your people and your organization.
HBD International, LLC

Want a more effective health strategy that can actually provide your people and your company value? Contact us to tell us about your current program or current needs.
We'll share how we can help. 

Email: info@hbdinternational.com

Phone: 844-206-1533

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