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Whitepaper:The Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health

Mental health and loneliness was a silent crisis before the pandemic. According to the CDC, rates of anxiety and depression have tripled under this pandemic. Don't be fooled, mental health is impacting your employee's health and performance, but there are ways to shift the narrative and begin linking and promoting "mental fitness" in similar ways to physical fitness. But it requires business leaders to be proactive. Read more here.


Need some simple resources to help promote good hygiene and virus mitigation as you introduce people back to the workplace? Here and here are some simple free resources.  

At-Home Ergonomics

Are most of your employees working remotely? This presents a whole new set of risks for your business in terms of home ergonomics. Poor workstation ergonomics can impact energy and performance, as well as increase the risk of MSK injuries. Here and here are a couple of great resources you can provide to all remote workers. Oh, and don't forget this handy stretch sheet

Beginner At-Home Exercises

Fitness enthusiasts, while likely frustrated about not being able to go to the gym, are probably pretty well equipped to maintain their exercise routines at home. However, a silver lining of this pandemic is that it has highlighted the need to manage health and avoid preventable health risks that contribute to complications of Covid-19. Maintaining health is front-of-mind in a way it hasn't been for some time. But where does that leave beginners who are looking to start taking steps to improve their health, but don't know where to start? They can start here with this basic home workout, and here, with a full-body stretch.   

Program Evaluation

Do you have a wellness program that isn't quite hitting the mark on the outcomes you want or expect? HBD are industry leaders in achieving consistent, non-incentive driven participation (engagement) and measurable behavior change. We offer a free Program Design Assessment that involves completing a high-level questionnaire, from which we will provide a report to show how your program structure compares with best-practice and industry benchmarking research, along with recommendations for improvements where warranted. Click here for a copy of the Program Design Assessment. 

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