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Ready to give your key talent the tools to optimize their health and performance? HBD has over 25 years of workplace health promotion experience and is ready to help you do just that. 


Health and wellness, injury prevention, mental health, or a consolidated program that cohesively addresses all of these factors; HBD can provide effective programs for groups or whole populations.  

What makes us different?




We have the industry's most consistent engagement without incentives, period. 

Our program structure leads to repeated & sustained engagement which provides more opportunity for progressive education and change. 

Meeting People

Where They're At

Most health education is generic. 


HBD understands varying stages of behavioral readiness, and provides health information & strategies which better fit your people's interest and need.  


Change Pathway

Our models create more consistent engagement which allows us to create progressive pathways for individual change.


This makes change more sustainable compared with changes participants make in short-run challenges or from traditional wellness events. 

Relevant Consolodation

Physical and mental health, energy, and performance are all interrelated.  Trying to separate them with 4-5 different point solutions is ineffective.


Engage your employees in a single consolidated program that effectively and progressively improves multiple risk areas. 

To say "thanks" for registering for our recent Meet a Vendor webinar, we'd like to offer you a COVID-19 Mental Health Whitepaper, or a free Program Design Assessment. The Program Design Assessment involves you completing a high-level questionnaire, from which we will provide a report to show how your program structure compares with best-practice and industry benchmarking research, along with recommendations for improvements where warranted. 

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Greg McLoughlin

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Greg is the founder and CEO of Health by Design and HBD International. Recognized as a pioneer in the health promotion industry, he regularly shares his 25 years of experience as a subject matter expert and speaker in program design, population engagement, and behavior change. 

Andrew Stephenson

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If Greg is the brains of the operation, then Andrew must be the muscle? Not really... he's too skinny :) 
Backed by 15 years of experience, Andrew leads our North American operations. Andrew also speaks at national and international conferences in addition to being a published writer and industry contributor.  

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