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Good health for everyone. 

The #1 reason employees do not participate in wellness programs is the perceived lack of personal relevance.

To truly improve health, people need relevant information, personal attention and ongoing support. 

Traditional wellness program models are often too segmented - too many independent activities or services and endless "campaigning" *yawn*. They lack cohesiveness, continuity, and often fail to link how good health behaviors align with energy management, high performance, and prevention of injuries. 

These "turnkey" programs present employees with generic content that lacks personal relevance and context, and they quite simply will not sustain the interest of your workforce.
(This is why most wellness programs become reliant on incentives...) 

HBD programs have less fluff. We don't cherry pick "participant-based" results to make them sound better than they are. We don't try to sell you with glitz and glamour. Instead, we work harder to understand your business and your people, and then we work hard to actually engage your total population in a way that is meaningful to them.

Our programs are designed to more effectively integrate with your normal workflow to meet people where they are at. We provide more relevant and actionable health content which actually provides people value - keeping them engaged and putting them on a progressive pathway to change.

Perhaps that's why our program outcomes more than double wellness industry averages...and we don't even need to use incentives.  

It's time to make a difference!

How can we best help you, your people, and your business?

Health & Wellness

Programs and content focused on improving health and lifestyle behaviors that impact against lifestyle-related risks and diseases (cardiovascular diseases, metabolic conditions, poor aging etc).

Relevant for all workplaces. Adapted to suit the work environment and demographics of any workplace. 

Helps reduce biometric disease risks and can improve population health, energy, productivity and engagement. 

Health & Injury Prevention

Clients achieve an average 30-60% reduction in injuries (reductions observed in both frequency and severity).

HBD creates company and job-specific ergonomics and injury prevention content. We can provide stand-alone safety and injury prevention focused training or programs, or we can fully integrate injury prevention content into an ongoing health and wellness program to create a one-of-a-kind comprehensive initiative that concurrently addresses both employee health risks AND injury risks. 


Incredible unique value for any industrial or blue collar organization for whom injury risks and costs are a problem.   

Reduce injuries. Improve health and productivity.


Health & High Performance

Good health, resilience, lifestyle balance and job engagement are all critical for elite performance, and yet many companies struggle to engage executives or high performance teams in traditional wellness programs. 

HBD's unique high performance programs show your key talent how smart health and energy management leads to improved resilience and sustainable performance. 

Straddling the line between personal and professional development, our high performance programs help targeted teams or executives find better health, better balance, and sustainable energy. 

Boost engagement and performance for teams or individuals who work in demanding and competitive work environments. 

What is the best way we can help you?

Fully serviced on-site programs     |     Managed Train the Trainer programs     |     Consulting & content strategy