High performance

Healthier employees can be more productive, but only if you give them the tools to understand the links between their health, energy, and drive for performance.

High Performance Pathways (HPP)

The HPP initiative is a powerful program for white collar professionals or management teams. The program helps individuals make the critical links between their health and lifestyle behaviors, their stress and energy management, and their personal drive and career goals. Launching with a one-day intensive training workshop, you can provide this as a stand alone service, or as a launch to an ongoing coaching and workforce performance initiative.

Chemistry for Success (C4S)

Brain chemistry is the major determinant of behavior. It affects mood, clarity of thinking, personal interactions, and motivation. Little do most people know, their brain chemistry is impacted by their daily health, lifestyle, and work behaviors. C4S is a highly personalized, science-driven approach to helping executives or your key talent personnel gain insight into habits which may be having a negative impact on their long term health, as well as their immediate performance and stress levels. Through C4S we assess current brain chemistry and provide highly effective behavioral coaching to help individuals or teams improve their health and resilience, as well as achieve a high level of sustainable performance.  


  • Full day HPP training sessions for up to 20 people
  • Workbooks and take home materials for every attendee
  • Personal action plans and strategies to improve health, energy, and performance
  • Options for ongoing coaching and programming


  • Brain chemistry assessments for executives or your key talent groups
  • Highly effective personal performance coaching
  • Group insight and team effectiveness improvement sessions

Join the dots: Health and productivity

Sustainable energy and performance requires a foundation of good health and lifestyle management. Yet the specific combination of health behaviors (e.g. exercise, nutrition, sleep, and leisure activities) which are optimal for each individual are different.

To maximize an individual's health, resilience, energy, and drive they require personal insight to understand their own specific needs, as well as the tools or strategies to improve any performance inhibiting behaviors. The HPP and C4S programs provide this individual insight and education. They allow your employees to make the critical links necessary to align their physical, mental, and emotional health that breeds high motivation and high performance. As an integration of health and engagement strategy; there's nothing better. 


Solution options

  • HPP and C4S can be performed as single sessions or events for individuals, or teams
  • HPP and C4S can also be integrated into our ongoing workplace health and performance programs


  • Provides highly effective and science driven improvements in health and performance
  • Improves both individual performance as well as team or group improvements
  • Improves employee job satisfaction and engagement