Our Solutions

HBD has a range of capabilities to build you a unique and effective workforce health solution. 

HBD custom designs services to target your unique work demographic and address your most prevalent risks. 

Programs and modules specifically target your greatest needs, including employee health behaviors, stress and fatigue, injury and material handling, or energy and productivity. 

Our solutions are interactive and aim to consistently engage your employees as a group, and as individuals, in order to achieve progressive education and sustainable change.

Best of all, we deliver them on site in all kinds of work environments.

Some of our solutions include strategic integration of:

  • On site face to face coaching
  • Health promotional material
  • Interactive displays
  • Task specific safety material
  • Workshops or High Performance training
  • Expos
  • Health and safety assessments
  • Injury prevention training

Contact us today to discuss tailored solutions to your specific workplace health and safety needs.