Productivity and performance

Beyond basic wellness, HBD programs more effectively link good health with energy and productivity management.

Good health is not merely an absence of sickness; true health relates to optimal balance between strength of body, resilience of mind, and a positive drive to succeed. While many companies provide services targeting simple health risk identification and risk reduction, few compare to HBD's innovative integration of health and high performance management.

Driving key behavior changes across your workforce which not only improve health, but also optimize mental health and functioning, means the value we provide your organiation in terms of workforce health improvement, productivity gains, job engagement, and work/life balance can't be beat.

Quick Fact!

Productivity declines an average of 2% for every preventable health risk an employee exhibits.  Burton et al., 2005

Join the dots

Healthy employees are up to 3 times more productive than the least healthy. 

Numerous large, well established, and rigorous cross-sectional studies have clearly linked employee health risks to organizational financial and performance measures including absence rates, disability claims, workers compensation, and reduced on the job productivity.

Of the ten most commonly measured modifiable health conditions, the following seven have specifically been shown to have a negative impact on employer costs and workforce performance: obesity, high blood glucose, high blood pressure, smoking, physical inactivity, high stress, and depression.

More than half of the average work population has at least one of these risk factors; many have multiple. Most of these health conditions are either completely related to lifestyle, or can be significantly improved by changing poor health and lifestyle behaviors

Case Study

 Telstra Case Study

Telstra Case Study


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