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Industry experts suggest 90% of current U.S. wellness programs are not comprehensive enough to gain the best change and cost outcomes. HBD engages employees in ongoing face-to-face interactive education which achieves highly sustainable outcomes.

HBD effectively customizes, adapts, and incorporates the scientific and psychological elements needed to ensure you get the best outcomes.

We engage your employees as a group, and on a personal level while providing you with monthly, quarterly, and annual group progress reports.

The award winning outcomes speak for themselves:

  • Voluntary monthly engagement averaging over 80%
  • Health behavior change from an average of 65% of workforce
  • Average reduction in major health risks of 20% annually
  • Injuries reduced by an average of 50%

If you‘d like to lead the way in improving the health, safety, & productivity of your workforce, call us on 585-313-1661 today. 


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