Mental health and resilience

HBD's innovative layered program model, engaging workforces at both the group and personal levels, is effective for improving individual behavior and group awareness.

Mental health and stress are one of the highest hidden costs to your business. As many as 5-7 employees in every 100 are effected by depression annually with more than two thirds not seeking treatment. The average cost of lost productivity per case is over $8,000.

Add to this the impact of employees suffering from even more common mental health conditions, such as acute stress and anxiety disorders, and the potential value of improved employee resilience is evident.

The problem with stress and mental health is that it's such a personal reaction, affecting individuals differently, and even the same individual differently under varying circumstances. The key to managing stress and mental health, as well as creating a foundation for quicker rebounds, is a combination of personal insight, a resilient lifestyle, and a supportive work environment.

HBD has a range of options which are effective across diverse work populations. From behavior change programs for your whole organization, or health and high performance training for management teams, through to highly effective executive brain chemistry initiatives; we have a suitable program or combination of programs to create and sustain a healthy, resilient, and productive workforce.

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An estimated 33% of work absences are due to stress. Stress is responsible for an average of 3.2 days of lost productivity per worker per year. Employees that report high stress are 40% less productive than the least stressed.

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Chronic stress and mental health disorders increase the cost and impact of almost all other health conditions.

Chronic stress is linked to several chronic inflammatory conditions, including heart disease and diabetes. In fact, employees who report being the most stressed are 60% more likely to have other chronic health risks than those who are least stressed.

Many of the lifestyle behaviors which help to improve overall health (such as regular exercise, healthy diets, and healthy sleep) have also been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms.

A comprehensive program to address both health, lifestyle, and mental resilience collectively is one of the greatest investments you can make in your workforce.

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 Telstra case study

Telstra case study