Health and wellbeing

HBD's programs can significantly improve the health, energy, and job engagement of your workforce.

According to global business research by Towers Watson, an employee's perception of their employer's interest in their health and wellbeing is one of the highest drivers of job engagement and retention.

Improving employee health not only controls workforce costs (e.g. reduced absences), but it also boosts productivity and an employee's commitment to your organization. With an aging population and ongoing skills gap; retaining key talent and building a sustainable team has never been more powerful.

Empowering employees to effectively manage their health and lifestyle balance improves performance and can make you an employer of choice. Could attracting the best employees, maximizing their productive potential, and keeping them longer than your competitors give your business a competitive advantage?

HBD's innovative health management initiatives set you up for success in today's global innovation-based economy.

Quick Fact!

The number one career goal of university graduates and MBA candidates is work life balance. Universum, 2013

Join the dots

Poor health limits energy and reduces immune function.

Research is consistent and abundantly clear in demonstrating associations between employee health and their rates of absence, rates of injury, and level of productivity. In fact, excess preventable health risks within the average work population are responsible for approximately 24% higher workers compensation costs and 29% higher absence costs.

When comparing employers with high performing workforce health practices to those with poor employee health management, the companies most effectively managing health have on average 2.5 x greater organizational performance, 8 x greater employee job engagement, 3.5 x greater creativity and innovation, and, 4 x higher annual retention.

A comprehensive employee health program is not just good for your people, it's great for your business.

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 Aurizon Case Study

Aurizon Case Study


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