Consolidate and Succeed

Today I saw this quote from a wellness consultant in a discussion on LinkedIn. "I've seen a lot of disconnect between all the elements that need to be in place to make a program successful. Too often a company will look at one off solutions that don't have much impact independently. Understanding how the pieces fit together is key to building a program that can impact a company's culture." 

It was incredibly refreshing because I too am often frustrated by the approach many companies take to wellness. Winning with wellness is about achieving a foundation of good health across your workforce to not only control costs, but to also maximize performance. The real value of healthy employees is the resultant strength and vitality it creates for your business. This doesn't happen by putting a blindfold on and throwing a handful of darts at a target, hoping that one or two of them will stick. It happens through an understanding that in order for your employees to change their behavior, they need to consistently be engaged in a process of ongoing relevant education, progressive goal setting, and personal feedback.

Why then do so many approaches to wellness rely on disconnected activities, information sessions, short-term challenges, or incentive-driven compliance? These approaches defy science and logic, and are quite simply not as effective.

The approaches of HBD represent more of a consolidated approach to employee health, safety, and performance. You don't need 3, 4, 5 or more vendors delivering niche wellness services, what you need, or more specifically what your employees need, is someone who can fill in the gaps. Someone who can design a program which consistently and progressively provides them the information, and personal skills necessary to empower employees to make self directed sustainable changes to their health, work, and lifestyle behaviors. That's exactly what we do here at HBD.       

Published on by Andrew Stephenson.