Aging workforce

HBD programs improve behaviors which slow the trend of declining health across your aging population.

Older workers are experienced workers and can represent a huge asset to your business. However, workers with declining health and physical capacities can also represent significant risk. Research consistently shows that as people’s health declines, so does their productivity. In addition, reduced physical capacities can also represent significant injury risks.

Helping your employees to better maintain their personal health helps you build a more experienced and sustainable workforce. As the population ages and the skills gap continues to increase, helping to maximize the performance of your team both now, and for the future, represents significant business value.

Quick Fact

After age 30, people lose up to 8% of their muscle mass and 10% of their aerobic capacity per decade, resulting in decreased strength, power, and balance. NIH and Journal of Applied Physiology

Join the dots

Almost half of the physical declines associated with aging can be reduced by living a healthy lifestyle.

International trends strongly associate aging with the accumulation of health risks. That is, without intervention, most people across your work population will allow their health to decline as they get older. This decline is not inevitable, and researchers now widely believe that almost half of the common age-related declines in health and physical capacity are due to disuse and poor lifestyle. If people remain more active and choose to live healthier lifestyles, many of these physical declines can be slowed or prevented.

Quality sleep is essential in preventing fatigue and helping to maintain resilience. As people age, their quality of sleep declines. While some of this can be due to secondary factors, such as poorly managed chronic pain, or conditions such as sleep apnoea, lighter sleep and spending less time in the deeper phases of sleep is a part of aging. Empowering your employees to join the dots between their lifestyle, health, work, and quality of life will help maximize the body’s performance both at work, and during rest and recovery.