Why HBD International?

We influence greater shifts in collective group health than anyone else. Meaning, we provide the best possible potential for return on your investment.

More than 64% of American workers are overweight. Less than 10% eat enough vegetables and fruit, nearly half consume what is considered to be a high fat diet and more than half of America's workforce are stressed.

These are hardly figures that inspire confidence when considering the energy and productive capacity of your team. In fact, unhealthy employees have been shown to be up to three times less productive than their healthy colleagues.

Our comprehensive solutions are specifically designed to engage more of your workforce more often. But beyond that, our strategy is to educate and motivate your employees to change their behavior.



Who are We?

At HBD, we want to help people live successful and fulfilling lives. Good health provides the foundation required for individuals to be happy and organizations to be productive and competitive.

We started over 20 years ago with a simple question: How can we help people change the disparate nature between what they want and what they do? While it turned out to be more complicated than we ever imagined, we are proud to say that today,

We successfully fulfill our mission of changing people’s behaviors and enhancing people’s lives for thousands of people around the world.

Through years of experience, extensive behavioral research, trial and error, and by building a diverse team of allied health professionals, we continue to raise the level of expectation in workforce health management.

Mission Statement

Changing people’s behavior,
enhancing people’s lives.



To become the industry leader in employee engagement and positive behavior change. Provide our clients with the most effective and innovative health and injury prevention solutions.



  • Honesty -
    HBD operates on a straightforward approach and expects transparent performance from staff. Trustworthiness is critical in our relationship with both clients and work colleagues alike.
  • Responsibility -
    Our team is always trusted to exercise autonomy while performing duties and is accountable for the result of their conduct.
  • Excellence -
    We endeavor to always deliver a service of the highest quality to our clients. HBD encourages staff to take responsibility for achieving excellence in their role.
  • Innovation -
    HBD strives to provide continuous improvement to our behavioral change techniques to ensure positive outcomes for our clients.
  • Purpose and balance -
    HBD encourages staff to continually develop their sense of purpose within our industry. We strongly encourage the pursuit of balance across all levels of their professional and personal lives.